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Xsantos is the administrative centre of the Lycian Federation. Located at a distance of 60 km. from Fethiye, it is within the boundaries of the Kınık Village. Its foundation dates back to 1200 B.C. Mass suicides were committed in this prominent city for the sake of freedom and independence. At present the Acropolis from the Lycian period, the theatre from the Roman times, a church from the period of Christianity and the remains of the gate from the Hellenistic period can be observed. The "Nereid Monument", carried away in 1838, and other major Lycian works of art are exhibited at the British Museum in London.

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Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz with its sheltered, calm waters and the adjoining Belcegiz Beach combine the white foams of the Mediterranean with the greenery of the pine trees. World-renowned Oludeniz Kumburnu National Park and the Belceğiz Beach is at a distance of 15 km. from the Fethiye city centre and are located at the skirts of Babadağ which deserves the right of being a "world heritage" with its rich flora and suitability for paragliding. The Belcegiz Beach offers you facilities for benefiting from the sea, sand and the sun, as well as enjoying all kinds of water sports...

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Fethiye Municipality Cultural Center (FBKM) February Programme

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